Fitness Fashion Friday: The Garmin 220


Today's fitness fashion post isn't really fashion, but its definitely something I am wearing on nearly every run these's my Garmin 220! The Garmin 220 is considered a "mid-range" (price-wise) running watch. I received this as a gift right after I returned from Singapore. My first race with it was the Tokyo Marathon. Opinion? I LOVE this Garmin! Why do I love it so Continue Reading

Inspirational Athletes: An Inverview with Eric Stevenson


I have an interview for you guys today with an awesome local athlete named Eric Stevenson! Eric Stevenson is one of the coaches at the Calhoun Beach Running Club- he's a really nice guy and a really accomplished runner! Like me, Eric is on a quest to run a marathon in every state. Read on to learn more about this awesome guy! Basic Running Stats: Marathon PR: 2:46:45 Half-marathon PR: Continue Reading

Fits do Race Reviews: The Irish Run 8k


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last Sunday, I ran the Irish Run 8k.  There aren't a ton of 8k's out there but it's actually a pretty fun distance. An 8k is nearly 5 miles. With a 1.5 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown, I ended with 7.5 miles on the day, which was a solid workout! The Irish Run 8k race has been around for many years. From the race's website, "the race began as the St. Patrick`s Continue Reading

Fitness Fashion Friday: The Brooks Pure Project Running Jacket II


Fitness Fashion Friday is back! Today, I'm telling you about my new favorite running jacket. Now, I have not fallen out of love with my Athleta Reflective Running Start Jacket. But now that the temperatures are warming up and the sun is out for longer, I don't necessarily need to always wear my crazy awesome glow-in-the-dark jacket! When I received the Brooks catalog the other day and I was Continue Reading

Featured Fit: Getting a “Tune-up” at Orthology


Like many athletes, I have had my fair share of injuries, but the one that seems to plague me the most is the darn IT band. By really focusing on core and gluteal strength as well as the occasional A.R.T. & Graston treatment, I have usually been able to mitigate this issue. However, when I was offered a complementary tune-up at Orthology, I knew that I wanted them to focus on the ol' IT band Continue Reading

Weekly Recap: Easing back into running….


What a beautiful week it was in Minneapolis. The weather was so wonderful and everyone seemed to be in such great moods! It's amazing what a difference a little sunshine can make. Monday: My first "workout" of Grandma's training, but it was a short one to ease me back into moving my legs faster again: 4 minutes at a 7:50 pace with 1 minute off, 6 times, with a mile to warmup and a mile to cool Continue Reading