Fits Do Race Reviews: The 2015 Torchlight 5k

torchlight 5k

Last Wednesday night, I ran the Torchlight 5k. I have participated in this race for many years, though this was only the 4th time since the "birth" of The Right Fits blog (read about 2012, 2013, and 2014; 2011 was cancelled due to extreme heat.) The Torchlight 5k is such a fun event! I recommend this race for all types of runners. First of all, it's on a Wednesday night! So even if you're Continue Reading

Weekly Recap: 17 Weeks Until The Richmond Marathon

Minneapolis Summer

Another week has passed. This summer is just flying by, isn't it? Another week means it's time for another weekly recap of my training for the Richmond Marathon! Here's how it went down this week: Monday: I met a few friends before work to beat the heat. I had the following workout: 6x1200m at a 7:40 pace with 1 minute rest in between. 1 mile warm-up, 1 mile cool-down, 7 miles total. This Continue Reading

Fitting Remarks: Celebrating Your Girlfriends!

National Friends Day 8.1.2015

Girlfriends. Aren't they great? I have four girlfriends that I have known for my whole life (see below pics with 3 out of the 4 of them!) Yep, my sisters. Many years ago, I gave my sister a magnet that read, "Sisters by Chance. Friends by Choice." Blah. So corny! But so true! I feel #blessed (yes, I just did that...) to have these four people as lifelong friends. They Continue Reading

Where To Run in Portland…and What to Know!

Where to Run in Portland

Today I have another installment in the "Where to Run" series, this time by Nathan Freeburg of Minneapolis Running. He has been temporarily relocated to Portland, Oregon and he has all kinds of inside information about where to run in Portland and what to know! By Nathan Freeburg: The unofficial motto of the city of Portland Oregon is, “Keep Portland Weird.” It’s a place the prides itself in Continue Reading

Weekly Recap: T-18 Weeks Until My Next Marathon!

pizza farm marathon training

Hi all! Hope your weekend is going well. I stopped by yesterday with 10 Signs You're on a  Hot Run in case you missed it :) I'm here today with a weekly recap of training for the Anthem Richmond Marathon in Richmond, Virginia! Yep, if you missed it, I have registered for my 20th marathon. It will be on November 14th. The Anthem Richmond Marathon is flat and fast and ideally, it will be my Continue Reading

Fitting Remarks: 10 Signs That You are on a HOT Run.

10 Signs That You Are on a HOT Run

Did you go for a run this morning? It was hot out there, wasn't it? Summer has definitely arrived in Minneapolis. I’m guessing it’s probably in full force wherever you are reading from as well! But we runners are tough; hot weather doesn't stop us (though it might- and should- slow us down a little bit.) As you head out for a run this steamy weekend, here are some sure signs that you are a Continue Reading

Weekly Recap from the Right Fits

Weekly Recap

Hi there. It's been quite the week. Without getting into too much detail, my mom is in the hospital. Our visit to the cabin was cut a little short, as I decided to book a last-minute flight to Michigan to be with her on Tuesday night through Saturday. I still managed to get in some runs, but they were all over the place- literally. Monday: We were still at the cabin. My coach had me do 10 x Continue Reading