The Right Fits’ Tips for Dealing with Jet Leg


If you are new to the Right Fits- welcome! Did you hear about the Right Fits via my interview with Twin Cities in Motion? Yay! So to fill you in, I'm a Minneapolis girl on a temporary assignment in Singapore for work. I am training for the Tokyo marathon while I am here. I am by no means an expert traveler, but I do feel like I recovered pretty quickly from the jet lag from traveling 24 Continue Reading

Fits Do Fitness Class Reviews: Ziva Yoga in Singapore


If you have been reading my weekly recaps, you know that most of my fitness here in Singapore has been in the form of running. I did try out one barre class last week. I really want to fit in more classes while I'm here, but I am usually at the office pretty late. So, that means I have to get out to explore the fitness world on the weekends right? I did just that this past Sunday. I googled Continue Reading

Fits on the Road: lululemon and shopping in Singapore


I have been shopping here in Singapore...a lot. I can't help it! There is SO MUCH SHOPPING. There is a mall on every corner and every brand you could EVER think of is here. If you are into high-end brands, you can find them here. If you love clothes but are always looking for a deal (like me), there is plenty of shopping for you too. You can find all kinds of budget brands in Singapore (I swear Continue Reading

Fits on the Road: Exploring Little India in Singapore.


Today's post is not about fitness or fashion, but I thought I'd share some pictures from my visit to Little India. Saturday after my long run, I figured out which bus to take to get me to Little India. I am pretty reliant on two smart phone apps, "Go There" app, where you enter where you want to go from where, and it  helps figure out whether to take the bus or train and an "IRIS" app that Continue Reading

Weekly Recap of Week 2 in Singapore: Fitness and Food!


Week two in Singapore is complete. I survived! Apparently, I’m not even missing that cold of a time right now in Minneapolis either. Dustin tells me that it’s downright balmy! Week two in Singapore also marks Week FOUR of training with my new coach for the Tokyo Marathon. Only 10 weeks to go.  Japan will be here FAST! So, first things first, let me fill you in on how fitness went here in Continue Reading

Long Run #2 in Singapore: Tokyo won’t be this hot, right?


Seventeen miles in the Singapore sun- complete! It was brutal, but it was my own fault. I couldn't get motivated to get up so I didn't start running until around 6:30 am. I only had a short amount of time before the sun came up and once the sun is up, there's no escaping the heat! Guess what? Here's another picture of Marina Bay Sands. You're welcome. When the sun came out, it was Continue Reading