Fit Tip Friday: Things That Will Happen If You Decide to Run Through the Winter


You will experience frozen eyelashes. You will spend a lot of money on really warm running clothes (May I suggest Craft gear- expensive but worth it!) You will wear more layers than you thought possible. You will experience "frosty thong." This is when your butt is sweaty on a cold winter run, so the sweaty areas freeze, resulting in what my friends have come to know as the Continue Reading

Tilda Tuesday: Winter Running With Your Dog.


Sunday marked one week since the Outer Banks marathon. After a week of no running, I decided it was time to go for an easy run and I brought Matilda (the vizsla) with me. Now, neither of us had run since winter hit in Minneapolis, as it was in the 40/50's when we left for vacation. But if I was going to run, I was going to have to face the cold....and cold it was! Sunday morning was a windy 6 Continue Reading

Fitness Fashion: The Oiselle Roga Shorts


When I packed my suitcase for the Outer Bank Marathon last weekend, my Oiselle Roga shorts were definitely in it. These are my new "race" shorts. I absolutely love them! They treated me well on my most recent 26.2 mile journey and I plan to bring them to Tokyo for the marathon in February as well. I have mentioned these shorts before as they are definitely my current favorites! They are a Continue Reading

Stitch Fix Review #5: The “Why Not”


  Having a blog actually works out really well when it comes to Stitch Fix as I am able to post pictures of my fix and share meaningful feedback with my stylist via pinterest, etc. But another great thing is that it also gives me a platform to share what I received with you, so you can decide if Stitch Fix is something you want to try. I have posted about Stitch Fix here, here, here, Continue Reading

Fits on the Road: The Outer Banks


We have returned from our trip to the Outer Banks. Though my marathon finish was not what I had hoped for, I still enjoyed a nice little vacation while we were there. AND I managed to miss the first big snowfall in Minneapolis. I still watched the drama unfold on social media. :-) Accommodations: We stayed at the Surfside Hotel in Nags Head. Our room was a suite with a fridge, small living Continue Reading

Fit Tip Friday: Top 5 Ways That Runners Can Benefit From Kettlebell Training


I am a big fan of kettlebell workouts. In my weekly recaps, you will usually see a strength training class that incorporates kettlebells. I can tell you again and again that I think kettlebells are a great workout, but instead I recruited an expert to explain it to you! My friend (and certified kettlebell instructor and distance runner) Ericka Darst is here to share with you 5 ways that runners Continue Reading