What I Did Differently in Training for Grandma’s Marathon 2015

Training for Grandmas Marathon1

Hey, did I mention I got a PR at Grandma's Marathon? Yes? I already mentioned it a hundred times? Well, sorry, here's a whole other post about it and my reflections on what I did differently this time that got me there. If you're new here, here's a recap of all my previous marathons and finish times (you can also check out the 50 States/ 50 Marathons tab) 2004: DNF (Did Not finish, ended up Continue Reading

Fitting Debate: Running with Music & The Basilica Block Party Playlist

Run with Music

In running, there are often two schools of thought when it comes to music: (1) the purists who believe running is a time of peace and solitude – a time to get away from all the noise of life and collect one’s thoughts in silence, and (2) the iPoders, who couldn’t imagine running without the distraction and assistance of good tunes. It is a war silently waged on the running path each day – Continue Reading

Fits do Race Reviews: Grandma’s Marathon 2015

Grandmas Marathon Review

Marathon #19- complete! I obtained my "Grandma's" experience,  an experience that I said every good Minnesota runner needs to have. My Grandma's experience included a torrential downpour, a broken toe, AND a big PR! Let's start at the beginning. We drove up to Duluth on Friday, which is about a 2.5 hour drive from Minneapolis. We stopped along the way in the town of Hinckley, MN for Continue Reading

Fitness Fashion Friday: Putting Your Name on Your Race Shirt

Name on Shirt for Race

Today's installment of Fitness Fashion Friday is a bit of a stretch in terms of fashion...Today's post is all about putting your name on your shirt for races!  Actually, as you read on, you might think this is more of a fitting debate...please share your thoughts on the topic! You can see from all of these pictures that I am most definitely a fan of putting my name on my shirt for a Continue Reading

Weekly Recap: Tapering for Grandma’s Marathon 2015!

One Week Until Grandmas 15

One week until Grandma's Marathon! Despite the broken toe, despite the less-than-ideal forecast, I'm still so excited! Any other Grandma's runners out there? How are you feeling? Here are some older posts I have written that might help you out this week as we approach Grandma's Marathon day! The Magical Taper Managing Race Morning Marathon Packing List Mental Toughness for the Marathon How Continue Reading

What I’m Excited About AFTER Grandma’s Marathon…


I'm the first to admit that my training for Grandma's Marathon was pretty intense. I ran a lot of miles and didn't have a lot of extra time for other activities. So I'm excited for after Grandma's, when I can get back to doing all those other things. I miss [solidcore]! I miss yoga! I miss paddle boarding! I miss kettlebells! My friend Ericka (the kettlebell instructor from this post) is Continue Reading

Guest Post by Matilda the Vizsla: Running the Fast and the Furry 8k

Fast and Furry 8k Cover

I have another "guest" post for you today- a race review of the Fast and the Furry 8k by my vizsla Matilda. She contributed last year with her Guide to Minneapolis, but this is her first race review. Enjoy! From Matilda Sloan Benson: Training:  Coming off a rather restful winter, I started running regularly again after the temps stayed consistently above freezing.  Nothing fancy about my Continue Reading